Why be good

when you can be better?

We believe indulgences should never be compromised. And if you’re going to have ice cream, it should be the richest, creamiest and most irrationally delicious ice cream you’ve ever enjoyed. That’s why we created Betterwith Ice Cream. Made with farm-fresh, traceable cream, the highest-quality sourced ingredients and no preservatives, ever, it’s honestly the best we’ve ever tasted. And we’ve taste-tested a lot.


Betterwith Ice Cream is made exclusively with farm-fresh, traceable cream. This means we know where our dairy comes from, how the farm operates and how the cows are treated. It means we value sustainability and hold all of our suppliers accountable. It also means we have high standards, which result in a better quality product.


On its own, Betterwith Ice Cream is ridiculously delicious. So naturally, when you add it to something else delicious, the entire experience is elevated. We asked a few of our friends to come up with recipes using Betterwith Ice Cream.


Let’s be honest: this is the real reason you’re here.