What Is Traceable Milk?


Betterwith Ice Cream is a premium ice cream brand made with traceable milk in Canada.

Conventionally, milk is produced and sold to provincial marketing boards that pool and sell milk to local dairy processors. The difference with traceable milk is that it can be traced directly back to the original dairy farm source.

The milk in Betterwith Ice Cream comes from a farm in Abbotsford, British Columbia, operated by a 3rd generation Dutch dairy family. The primary focus of the farm is to provide a stable, healthy, and nutrient-rich environment for the cows with green grass pastures. The cows eat when they are hungry and are milked when they are ready.

Why do I think traceable milk matters?

  • The quality and source of our raw materials like milk is essential to the base of every flavour of Betterwith Ice Cream
  • By connecting our customers to the source of their food, we hope to create a better understanding and appreciation for our products
  • Over-industrial farms tend to focus on cost-efficiencies over best practices for the cows
  • Happy, less-stressed cows lead to better milk and ultimately, better ice cream

Transparency and honesty in ingredients is what I value as a mother and as a consumer. I hope you enjoy learning about the sources of the ingredients in our products as much as I do.

lori joyce

Lori Joyce

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