Betterwith Ice Cream in Progressive Dairyman Canada


We are really excited to share that Betterwith Ice Cream Co-Founder and CEO, Lori Joyce, are featured in Progressive Dairyman Canada.  It is a true tribute to our hard work to create a completely traceable and local ice cream brand when the farmers themselves are giving us a shoutout and recognizing the potential.

Check out a quote from the article below or click the link to read the full interview here.

Joyce says it took a long time to find a farm since milk is pooled and producers are generally part of the quota system, but the wait wasn’t without its benefits. “One phone call would lead to another phone call, would lead to another phone call, and in the meantime, you’re getting your name and footprint into the industry and you’re developing relationships,” she says. “People in the dairy industry here, once they realized that I was serious and I wasn’t going away, became very supportive and very helpful. The local person here for the B.C. dairy milk board was incredibly helpful.”

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