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Thanks to Vanessa of Modern Mix Van for sharing our message of 100% Honest Ice Cream!  We are definitely Betterwith you!

Here’s a little piece from Vanessa on Betterwith Ice Cream.  Click here to read the full feature.

“Conventionally, milk is produced and sold to provincial marketing boards that pool and sell milk to local dairy processors. The difference with traceable milk is that it can be traced directly back to the original dairy farm source.  By connecting our customers to the source of their food, we hope to create a better understanding and appreciation for our products

In Betterwith’s case, the milk comes from a local farm in Abbotsford, BC, operated by a third-generation Dutch dairy family.  The cows milked for their milk, which ultimately gets turned into Betterwith ice cream, enjoy a healthy, nutrient-rich, and green environment.  Betterwith believes that happy cows make better ice cream.”

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