Interview with Lady Boss & Ethical Influencer Sandra Nomoto


Want to get to know Lori more?  Find out the inspiration behind Betterwith as well as some of the business strategy that goes into planning and selling and paving the way with a new brand and a new direction for the future of food.  Keep clicking to read a recent interview with Sandra Nomoto to find out all the above and more!


It was a pleasure to connect with Sandra recently and to talk about my favourite things:  Ice cream and empowerment (and my kids, and strategy and I could go on!)  Hope my interview brings a little inspiration to your day.  Click here to indulge (interview reading is always Betterwith a pint of ice cream).  Looking forward to sharing and connecting more at the 2018 Wellness Show.

The 2018 Wellness Show takes place on Saturday, February 17, and Sunday, February 18 at the Vancouver Convention Centre (East). Lori joins best-selling Author and health expert Tosca Reno and Fitness expert & coach Aeryon Bela Ashlie on Saturday, February 17, 2pm for the Women Empowering Women Panel, sponsored by Fresh Magazine. Find tickets and information at

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