I didn’t start reading ingredient labels until I became a mom.  It shocked me when I
discovered that what I had been buying for my family wasn’t allowed to be labelled
ice cream and was actually frozen dessert. This was a huge eye-opener.

When my boys were younger I would take them back to my parents farm on Vancouver Island.
Watching them chase the farm animals, dig in the garden and climb the trees reminded me of
my childhood.  I had a moment of realization, and for the first time in my life I was truly
thankful for my upbringing.  The organic lifestyle, which was the only way my Croatian
immigrant parents knew, was suddenly really important to me.  It was this moment that
got me thinking… why was there no premium ice cream brand made with farm-fresh,
traceable cream and single sourced ingredients?
Introducing Betterwith, 100% Honest Ice Cream.

Here’s to better ice cream.  Enjoy!
Lori Joyce, Founder and CEO